Wednesday, 20 August 2014

August of wind

The rain was more annoying. Lost most of Sunday to it. But the wind was pretty irritating too. Sounds like a typical summer weekend in Britain.

Here's a summary from the weekend of 9-10th August.

Greylag Goose - 190+ in stubbles near Gembling
Canada Goose - 14 with Greylags
Gadwall - 3
Teal - 1
Mallard - 90+
Shoveler - 3
Grey Heron - 18 including 6 together
Marsh Harrier - 2 seen, a female and a fresh juvenile.
Buzzard - 11
Kestrel - 9+
Hobby - 3 including 2 together
Peregrine - 1 juvenile
Lapwing - 35+
Greenshank - 1 at Gembling
Green Sandpiper - 1 at Lowthorpe bridge
Common Sandpiper - 1 at Gembling
Cuckoo - 1 juvenile at Harpham
Swift - 3
Kingfisher - 2
House Martin - 300+ at Harpham, an exceptional count for the area.
Swallow - 100+ with martins at Harpham
Yellow Wagtail - 4
Warblers - still quite a lot around but very quiet
Coal Tit - 1
Greenfinch - 50+ at Kelk Beck, may be a record area count.
Linnet - 70+

And now for some images.

Little Grebe at Gembling. Since the loss of the Kelk Lake 'colony' to disturbance there has only been a few regular pairs scattered across the area. This is the first year they've attempted to breed at Gembling, though the water level has been high all summer, which has presumably helped.

Grey Heron. They're normally very shy but this one came out from behind the patch of rough vegetation and walked straight past me - either not noticing me or just ignoring me.

A gathering of young House Martins at Harpham. There was an exceptional build up of 300+ shading by the wood from the strong wind.

A wintery scene... goose, goose,... wait, what's that at the back? PEREGRINE!

Trio of Shoveler. Quite scarce locally. Is this a family? Locally bred? Looks like a male in the middle and the other two either female or juvenile.

Excellent stuff, considering the weather. Very much a raptor weekend, with multiple Hobby and Marsh Harrier sightings plus lots of Kestrel and Buzzards. The Peregrine was a year tick and there were two more ticks, bringing the total to 100 (still falling short of previous years).

098 Greenshank
099 Common Sandpiper
100 Peregrine