Thursday, 27 August 2009

Lips Wetted!

A reasonable weekend just gone - Hobby, Peregrine, Marsh Harrier, Greenshank, Ruff and Green Sandpiper... plus a single Quail seen well. Like I say, not at all bad!

Very busy at work this week so no time to properly update blog but here some photos... notice how there are less and less birds with each entry... (damn things won't come close enough etc). Will edit this post later.

Migrant Hawker

Ruddy Darter (I think?)

Common Darter

Small Tortoiseshell


Thursday, 20 August 2009

Wet lips?

A few bits and bobs of news have reached me over the last week.

Two (probable) Quail were flushed by a combine today, seen by the farmer. Evidence in favour - he knows what Quail look like. Evidence against - baby partridges can look like Quail... though no other birds flushed with them and you'd expect such to be closer to fully grown by now.

Numbers of Quail vary from year to year nationwide but this summer seems to have been a good one. I have two Kelk records for Quail in two previous years but not since 90s so I'd love to catch up with these!

A Marsh Harrier was seen indepently by two different observers earlier this week. There's been very few (er, two) noted this year so this is encouraging.

A large-ish wader, probably a Greenshank, in Great Kelk last Thursday (13th) and a Green Sandpiper on off Kelk Beck on at least two days this week.

I will be visiting this weekend and have fingers crossed for some of these or better!